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The new Netflix comedy series The Manny (El Niñero) aired on Sunday, December 24, and follows the love tale of a high-ranking CEO and a cowboy-turned-babysitter for her children.

Sandra Echeverría as Jimena

Sandra Echeverría as Jimena

Jimena is a dedicated executive vying for the role of president of her company. Jimena has been battling to keep things together after her divorce from her spouse, while simultaneously caring for her three children. To make matters worse, the kids are at odds with all of the nannies who have been recruited to care for them, prompting Jimena to hire a male nanny, which leads to a surprise love tale. Echeverra is most recognised for his appearances in Savages, The Book of Life, and La Usurpadora.

Iván Amozurrutia as Gabriel

Iván Amozurrutia as Gabriel

Gabriel (Iván Amozurrutia) is the titular babysitter hired by Jimena in the series. Gabriel is a charismatic cowboy who is terrific with kids in addition to being a manny. The male nanny gradually develops closer to the children and becomes romantically involved with Jimena. Previously, Amozurrutia appeared in High Heat, The Five Juanas, and Fake Profile.

Diana Bovio as Brenda

Diana Bovio as Brenda

Brenda, played by Diana Bovio, is Jimena’s coworker and best friend who cheers her on at work. Brenda has a crush on Gabriel as well, but she respects Jimena’s love for her. Bovio is well-known for her roles in films such as From Prada to Nada, All The Places, and How to Kill Mom.

José María Torre as Joaquín

José María Torre as Joaquín

Jimena’s ex-husband, Joaquin, still strives to be a better father to his children. José Mara Torre portrays the character on-screen. Despite being separated from Jimena, Joaquin has a history of reconciling with her on multiple occasions, leading the former to give the latter a chance. When things don’t work out with Jimena (again), Joaquin goes on and finds a new girlfriend, whom his children dislike.

Anthony Giuletti as Leo

Jimena and Joaquin’s youngest son is Leo (played by Anthony Giuletti). While Leo is a loving youngster on the inside, he occasionally plays pranks on the various nannies her mother hires, but all changes when Gabriel enters the picture. Giuletti is a rising star who has appeared in films such as Silent Night, Vecinos, and At Midnight.

Alexander Tavizon as Santiago

Santiago, Jimena’s eldest son and Leo and Sofia’s brother, is played by Alexander Tavizon. Santiago has frequent disagreements with his sister, Sofia, yet he seeks her help on his troubles with his fiancée, Tania. Tavizon has appeared in films such as El Niero, Mi Querida Herencia, and Doa Flor y los dos maridos.

Cassandra Iturralde as Sofía

Sofia is played by Cassandra Iturralde in The Manny. Sofia is Jimena’s daughter, as well as the sister of Leo and Santiago. While Sofia appears to be strong on the outside, she has troubles that she prefers to keep private. Iturralde’s filmography includes Diablero, Natural Born Narco, and El Rey, Vicente Fernandez.

Moisés Arizmendi as Rogelio

Rogelio is Jimena’s cousin and coworker who is also vying for the leadership of the company. The Manny later verifies that Rogelio was adopted as an orphan by Ernesto when he was a child, implying that he will go to any length to impress his stepfather. Arizmendi has appeared in films such as Against the Wind, The Marked Heart, and Crown of Tears.

Eugenio Montessoro as Ernesto

Ernesto is Jimena’s father and the CEO of the company where she works. He is going to retire, but he has yet to decide who will succeed him, Jimena or Rogelio. Montessoro has appeared in films such as Nicotina, Quiéreme Tonto, and Vencer el pasado.

Sofia Diaz as Mitch

Sofia Diaz has been cast as Mitch, Joaquin’s new girlfriend, in Netflix’s The Manny. Jimena and her children despise Mitch, primarily because they believe he snatched Joaquin from them. Diaz has previously appeared in films such as The Five Juanas, Encrucijada, and The War Next Door.

Alfredo Huereca as Julio

Julio (Alfredo Huereca) is Gabriel’s father, who kicks him out after a family feud goes too far. Gabriel is finally revealed to be the son of a ranch owner who is at the centre of a scheme being orchestrated by Rogelio (Jimena’s adversary in the firm). Huereca may be familiar to fans from his roles in Cadena Perpetua, Cosita Linda, and Eva La Trailera.

Maru Bravo as Romina

Romina was Jimena’s previous nanny and Gabriel’s godmother. While Jimena’s children despise the other nannies, they all adore Romina because of her compassionate demeanour. She decides to leave, however, to pursue her ambition of opening a store at the local market. Bravo has appeared in films such as The Return, The Inmate, and Pact of Silence.


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