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Nadine Franklin is a 16 year old girl who after losing her father Tom Franklin gets depressed and confused in her life, as he was the only person in the family to whom she was close to.

Nadine finds her friend Krista is sleeping with her brother Darian because of which she choses to maintain distance with her friend. Nadine feels alone as she lost her father and now she is not in contact with her friend. Nadine sleeps with Nick Mossman but it did not help her much to overcome the loneliness. Unexpectedly, she finds a understanding boyfriend Erwin and she finds the missing piece of her life.

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Is The Edge of Seventeen on Netflix?


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Hailee Steinfeld as Nadine Franklin

Instagram – haileesteinfeld

Alexander Calvert as Nick Mossman

Instagram – alexandercalvert

Blake Jenner as Darian Franklin

Instagram – blakedaflake

Woody Harrelson as Max Bruner

Instagram – woodyharrelson

Haley Lu Richardson as Krista

Instagram – haleyluhoo

Hayden Szeto (司徒頌㬢) as Erwin Kim

Instagram – haydenszeto

Kyra Sedgwick as Mona Franklin

Instagram – kyrasedgwickofficial

Is The Edge of Seventeen on Netflix?



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