Does Ali Die In Squid Game | Squid Game Ali Death

Ali, Player 199 who caught our attention in Episode 1: Red Light, Green Light when he saved Gi-hun (Player 456) from getting killed during the first game.

Does Ali die in Squid Game

Yes Ali died. It was quite obvious that all players except the winner will die. But the question is how did Ali die.

Ali died because of betrayal. Ali was betrayed by Sang-woo (Player 218), whom he respected an trusted the most. Ali (Player 199) died in Episode 6.

The game was to make a team of two and Ali (199) and Sang-woo (218) decided to play the game together. They thought that as a team they will definitely win, but when the rules of the game was announced they came to know that they were the competitors now and one of them is going to die.

Each player was given a pouch with 10 marbles in them. The players must play a game for 30 minutes and at the end of the game the player with the maximum numbers of marbles (or almost all the marbles) wins. Ali, a foreign worker from Pakistan had no idea how to play games using the marbles. Sang-woo suggested that they will play a game in which they will bet marbles and guess whether the number of marbles they have are odd or even. Every correct guess will win and an incorrect guess will lose.

Ali, though had no idea what the game was won all the marbles and Sang-woo lose to Ali. This made Sang-woo angry and he started shouting at Ali saying he knows everything and is acting innocent. As Ali had won the maximum number of marbles, it was Sang-woo who must die.

Sang-woo, a smart guy who always saved himself and the team, due to his smartness a lot of players came this far, this time he played tricks with Ali, he must do so to survive or he will he dead he knew.

Sang-woo convinced Ali, it was the easiest task we all know, Ali would do everything Sang-woo would ask him to do except getting himself killed for Sang-woo. Sang-woo tricked Ali, he said both of them can survive if they find two other players who couldn’t find a winner among themselves. Ali agreed and before he left in search of other players, Sang-woo asked Ali to give his pouch of marbles to him so that he can find a way to keep the marbles safe from the other players.

Ali, did not even sense betrayal, he gave his pouch to Sang-woo, who took all the marbles and filled Ali’s pouch with pebbles. When Ali came back to the spot where Sang-woo had asked him to return, he found out that he was cheated. Sang-woo handed over his marbles to the staff and said that he had won them without any violence so he is the winner.

Betrayed Ali, when opened his pouch realized that he has been cheated and betrayed by the very person he respected and trusted the most. Standing in pain and sorrow, Ali was shot by the staff. PLAYER 199 ELIMINATED

This is how Ali, Plyer 199 died.


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