Simon Burton Clickbait | Simon Clickbait Actor

Daniel Henshall played the role of Simon Burton, the brother of Sarah Burton. Simon Burton was the focus character in Episode 6: The Brother.

Daniel Edwin Henshall is an Australian actor, born on 9 August 1982 in Sydney, Australia.

Age39 years
SpouseStacey O’Connor

What is Simon’s job on Clickbait?

Simon works a content moderator whose job is to determine whether any video uploaded on the platform should be Deleted or Ignored.

Simon Burton is the brother of Sarah Burton, who ended her life when Nick, her online love started ignoring her. Sarah was depressed as she fell in love with Nick online and she was broken when Nick started ignoring her. Sarah’s chat with Nick revealed that before ending her life, Sarah had a conversation with Nick where she warned Nick that she would end her life to which Nick responded arrogantly that she can do whatever she wishes, he doesn’t cares.

Simon, after Sarah’s death traced Nick and then kidnapped him. It was Simon who made the video and uploaded it on YouTube, but Simon let Nick go as he couldn’t kill Nick and was somehow convinced by Nick that he wasn’t responsible for Sarah’s death.

Pia, sister of Nick believed Simon that though he kidnapped Nick, but did not kill Nick. Pia also knew that Nick would never let anyone commit suicide and Nick was not responsible for the death of sister of Simon, as Nick and Pia’s father died by suicide.


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