Sidemen Netflix Documentary USA

The Sidemen’s Netflix documentary will premiere on February 14, 2024.

‘The Sidemen Story’ will provide fans with “unprecedented access” to the Sidemen’s spectacular success as well as the personal problems they have endured as a result of their fame.

Sidemen, a popular YouTube collective, is teaming with Netflix to make a documentary. Here’s all you need to know about the Sidemen’s Netflix series, including the premiere date, where to watch, and more. For years, the Sidemen have been one of the most popular YouTube groups, with 20 million subscribers to their channel.

The Sidemen’s Netflix documentary will feature all seven members of the YouTube collective, including KSI, Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter, Josh ‘Zerkaa’ Bradley, Harry ‘W2S’ Lewis, Vikram ‘Vikkstar123’ Barn, Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne, and Tobi ‘TBJZL’ Brown.

It’s fair to say that the YouTube stars had a fantastic 2023, hosting a charity football match in a packed Premier League stadium, opening numerous real ‘Sides’ eateries, and even releasing their own party game ‘Hit Send’.

Following a significant expansion outside of YouTube, including the production of their own vodka brand XIX, restaurants, and other projects, the Sidemen have announced a documentary that will be published on Netflix.


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