Who Plays Poppy Prescott in Despicable Me 4?

Poppy Prescott, voiced by Joey King is a key character in Despicable Me 4. Gru and his family go to the AVL safe house, and she becomes their new neighbour.

Who Plays Poppy Prescott in Despicable Me 4?

Poppy demonstrates her caring side when she witnesses Gru Jr. cuddle Lenny and transforms her personality to a positive one after accomplishing the heist with Gru and becomes friends with him and his family. Poppy demonstrates her loyalty to those she cares about as she helps Gru free his son from Maxime Le Mal.

Poppy Prescott

Poppy has blue eyes and long ginger hair. She is dressed with a black elastic head helmet with metal goggles, a pink vest with a “P” symbol representing her name, a belt with a similar “P” symbol, white fingerless gloves, a black skirt, blue shorts and pink trainers over white socks. She also has braces on her teeth and pale pink fingernails.

Poppy aspires to be a supervillain and admires Gru’s work as one. She is driven by a desire to outperform Gru. Poppy initially comes across as manipulative and vicious when she threatens Gru with revealing her identity if he doesn’t help her steal Lenny the Honey Badger.


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