Make Me Believe Netflix Cast

Make Me Believe (Original title: Sen Inandir) is a Turkish film that was released on 23rd June 2023. Murat Saraçolu directed the film, which starred Zerrin Sümer Tunçsav, Ekin Koç, Ayça Ayşin Turan, and Yildiz Kültür.

‘Make Me Believe’ follows Sahra, a female journalist, on her mission to identify a mysterious photographer. Sahra reunites with a childhood acquaintance during a visit to her grandmother, and the story unravels as she discovers deep insights about her love life. This article will introduce you to the brilliant cast of ‘Make Me Believe’ and provide insights into their roles, providing a deeper knowledge of this enthralling picture.

Ayça Aysin Turan as Sahra

Ayça Aysin Turan

Ekin Koç as Deniz

Ekin Koç

Other Cast

  • Cagla Irmak as Ahu
  • Cagri Citanak as Ulas
  • Kemal Okan Özkan as Kerem
  • Bülent Gültekin as Mert
  • Zerrin Sümer as Sahra’nin Büyükannesi
  • Yildiz Kültür as Deniz’in Büyükannesi


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