Leave The World Behind Netflix

Sam Esmail wrote, directed, and produced the 2023 American psychological thriller film Leave the World Behind.

“Leave the World Behind” is a novel written by Rumaan Alam, published in 2020. The book is a thought-provoking work of literary fiction that explores themes of race, class, family, and societal breakdown. The story revolves around a vacationing family who rents a remote Airbnb in a rural area, only to have their tranquil getaway disrupted by the arrival of the homeowners, a couple who claim to be seeking refuge from an unspecified global crisis.

The novel delves into the tensions and uncertainties that arise as the two families, from different backgrounds and with different worldviews, are forced to confront their differences and anxieties in the face of an uncertain external threat. “Leave the World Behind” has been praised for its evocative writing, complex character development, and its ability to capture the anxieties and unease of contemporary life.

Leave The World Behind Netflix Cast

Julia Roberts as Amanda Sandford

Mahershala Ali as G. H. Scott

Ethan Hawke as Clay Sandford

Myha’la Herrold as Ruth Scott(as Myha’la)

Farrah Mackenzie as Rose Sandford

Charlie Evans as Archie Sandford

Kevin Bacon as Danny

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