Kaulitz And Kaulitz Netflix Review

Kaulitz and Kaulitz Season 1 is a hilarious and touching reality documentary about Tom and Bill Kaulitz’s extraordinary adventure. These famous twin brothers and superstars invite viewers into their private lives in Los Angeles and Germany as this documentary biographical TV show takes them on a wild voyage. Kaulitz & Kaulitz Season 1 consists of eight episodes.

In the first season of Kaultiz & Kaulitz, Bill and Tom Kaulitz sit for side interviews while scenes from their very hectic lives play out on screen.

Bill and Tom are identical twins who have been playing with the band Tokio Hotel since 2001, when they were just 12 years old. Yes, they’ve been stars for two-thirds of their lives, and we see them towards the end of a five-month European tour.

The brothers are quite close — they lived together until Tom married Heidi Klum five years ago — but Tom is pretty well done with travelling, and we see Tom’s unvarnished grumpiness in contrast to his more outgoing brother Bill’s upbeat attitude.

Bill has come to embrace many aspects of his differences, including his sexual orientation. And, while he enjoys his alone time and relies on work to combat loneliness, he’s always been the one who desired a relationship. Now Tom, the antisocial kind, is married with stepchildren, grilling on weekends when the twins are home in Los Angeles, while Bill is scouring the apps for individuals he knows are bad for him.

Back home at the end of their tour (we see Bill’s house but not Tom’s), Bill is seeking to make some last-minute plans for their couple’s 34th birthday party. He wants an alien theme and the site to be the “Invisible House” at Joshua Tree, which has a totally mirrored exterior. Bill’s assistant Lea phones around to see if the folks who have reserved the house can be paid to evacuate on that day, and he goes shopping with his best friend Sara to choose an outfit that best fits the alien theme. He uses his “secret” AMEX card, which Tom learns about when the producers reveal it during a confessional interview.

Meanwhile, Tom meets Devon, who lived with the twins when they went to Los Angeles and is now one of their best pals. Friends like Devon keep Tom grounded and make him feel like he’s living what Bill describes as “a middle-class life, but bigger.” Picking up the poop left by the pups Heidi got him for his birthday also helps to keep him grounded.

Bill rents the Invisible House for his party, and after offering that he and Tom go skydiving together, which he knows Tom will not agree to, he tells his twin that they are going on a road trip together. The two of them argued more on this tour than ever before, with some serious back-and-forth, and Bill believes that having time together without business will help them reconnect.


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