Is Bluey and Bingo a Girl

Bluey is a girl, as is Bingo, her younger sibling, despite the colour variances that frequently cause confusion. The family consists of two reddish-brown canines (Bingo and Chilli) and two blue dogs (Bluey and Bandit). However, the dogs’ colouring does not correspond to their gender. Instead, they match the coat colours of Australian cattle dogs in real life, which might be blue/grey or red with distinct colour patterns.

Bluey is about a family of heelers, however the colours of Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit have caused some disagreement about whether Bluey is a boy or a girl. Since 2018, the Australian series has captivated fans. Bluey and Bingo are children, and their parents (Chilli and Bandit) live in Brisbane and travel the world. The show combines kid-friendly humour with deeper themes about connecting with family and friends, discovering one’s place in the world, and maturing.

Heeler Family

While Bluey is an Australian show, it became available on Disney+ in January 2020, allowing families from all around the world to watch. While many of the children’s cartoons on the streaming service are focused primarily at younger viewers, Bluey is one that adults will love as well. And, while gender shouldn’t be an issue for a family of cartoon canines, the fact that Bluey and her father Bandit are both blue caused some doubt — but after watching the episode, it’s clear that Bluey is a female.

The rest of the Heeler family on the show have coat colours that are not gender-related. Grandpa Heeler has a heavier grey and black coat, whilst Stripe is mostly blue with reddish stripes around his ears.

Despite this, some viewers presume Bluey is a male because the colour blue is commonly associated with boys and pink with girls. Because Chilli’s coat is closer to pink and Bandit’s is blue, it’s understandable that viewers might infer the parents’ colours corresponded to their gender. Furthermore, when Bluey is commended with expressions like “good work” or “good job,” it may sound similar to “good boy” to those unfamiliar with Australian accents. However, Bluey is unquestionably a girl.


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