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If Only Netflix Cast

If Only Netflix series is a Spanish language series. The original title of the series is Si lo hubiera sabido, and in eight chapters tells the story of Emma, a woman who is tired and bored with her current life. She has been married to Nando for ten years and is the mother of twins. She doesn’t work, she doesn’t enjoy anything, and she wonders what would have happened if the day her husband asked her to marry her, she had chosen to say no. Until one night of eclipse something incredible happens. If Only (Si lo hubiera sabido) Netflix Cast includes:

Megan Montaner as Emma

Megan Gracia Montaner is a Spanish actress and former model. 

Age35 years
Height1.63 m
PartnerGorka Ortúzar

Miquel Fernández as Nando

Irina Bravo

Boré Buika

Jael Pascual

Eduardo Lloveras

Pablo Escamilla

Gonzalo Caps as Sergio

Cristina Kovani

Andrea Tivadar as Anna

Michel Noher as Rubén

Inma Sancho

Amber Shana Williams as Samantha

Daniel Horvath as Dimitri

Mirela Balic

Ferran Rañé

Maika Barroso

Daniela Soneira



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