Holly perfect match before and after

Netflix star Holly Scarfone announced a dramatic weight loss change at the end of 2023, prompting Ozempic suspicions. That October, the Too Hot to Handle star stated on TikTok that she had shed 35 pounds and credited her success to her consistent gym attendance.

Holly reiterated her stance when she “addressed the rumours” regarding her before and after results in January 2024.

“Our bodies are really attractive and sensitive. “It’s critical that we take care of them,” she added at the end of her training video. “I’m finishing everything off with a light stretch, brushing the sand off my Chanels and brushing off the haters because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you feel healthy and happy in your own body, you have the power to change your habits and routines and start today because you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.”


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