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High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America is a historical documentary on Netflix based on author Jessica B. Harris‘s book High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America.

High on the Hog was a New York time bestseller book, which is now a Netflix original series.

High on the Hog Release Date

May 26, 2021

High on the Hog Episodes

There are four episodes of High on the Hog streaming on Netflix.

  • E01: Our Roots
  • E02: The Rice Kingdom
  • E03: Our Founding Chefs
  • E04: Freedom

High on the Hog Book

The cover image of the Book High on the Hog by Jessica B. Harris is shown below. The book High on the Hog was a New York Times bestseller book and now it is a Netflix Original Series.

The book High on the Hog is a cookbook. The paperback version of the book costs $13.93 and the hardcover version of book costs $930.35. The book High on the Hog was published on 17 January 2012. The book consists of a total of 304 pages.

High on the Hog Host

Stephen Satterfield is the Host of the Netflix Original series High on the Hog.

Stephen Satterfield is a African-American food writer, wine expert, producer and social entrepreneur. Stephen Satterfield was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Stephen, the 36 year old food writer was born on 18 April, 1985.

High on the Hog IMDb

Rating: 4 out of 5.

High on the Hog IMDb rating is 7.7/10.

High on the Hog Review

High on the Hog is a must watch series if you love food and want to know, learn or experience the African American Experience of food connection. The series High on the Hog tells its viewers how the ancestors of African American people maintained their connection through food.

Stephen Satterfield, the host of the show High on the Hog travels to Benin to clearly understand the roots of African American Cooking, in Episode 1 of the Netflix Original series High on the Hog.

Top Critics reviewed the series as highly informative, a series which inspires, explores American food, culture and history and makes it accessible to everyone. High on the Hog is far beyond a mere cooking show, a review by one of the Top Critics.

High on the Hog Cast

  • Stephen Satterfield
  • Gabrielle E.W. Carter
  • Jessica B. Harris
  • Romauld Hazoume


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