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Lee Jung-jae, South-Korean actor and model played the role of Seong Gi-hun in Squid Game. Gi-hun, Player number 456, won the game, but he did not use a single penny of the winning amount. Lee Jung-jae was born on 15 December 1972 in Seoul, South Korea.

Lee Jung Jae as Seong Gi-hun (Player 456)

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Who Won The Squid Game

Gi-hun won the Squid Game. In the first game, Red Light Green Light, Gi-Hoon was saved by Ali (Player 199) when he was about to slip when his leg landed on a dead body, but Ali saved Gi-hun. (If you want to watch the video of the game Green Light, Red Light then click here — Red Light Green Light)

After the first game, some players decided to leave as none of them knew that the game would be taking lives. Almost all the players wanted to return home safe. After vote, it was decided that players will return home safely, but the players found that their life is hell even in the outside world and if they win the money 45.6 KRW, it will change their life. Players decided that the money was worth winning even it is their own life at stake.

In the second game, four different shapes a triangle, a circle, a star and an umbrella was made on a coating of sugar, and a needle was given. The players had to bring out the shape without breaking it in a given time. Gi-hun chose the shape of umbrella, which was the hardest to carve out, but he found a way of carving the shape out by licking the sugar coat again and again, he managed to carve out the shape in given time.

In the third game, Tug of War, Gi-hun (456), Ali (199), Sae Byeok (067), Sang Woo (218), Oh Il Nam (001), Ji Yeong (240), Han Mi Nyeo (212), Player 276, Player 196 and Player 244, a team of 10 people was made. Though the team had not much strong players, but a game is won by wit and not by strength, Oh Il Nam (Player 001) said. The strategy that Oh Il Nam gave was used and when the team was just at the verge of losing, Sang-woo (Player 218) used his smartness, which save them and Gi-hun’s team won. (Watch the video of Tug of War game by clicking on the given link).

Fourth game, everyone was asked to chose one partner. Gi-hun chose Il-nam as his partner. Each player was given 10 marbles and at the end of 30 minutes, the player with the maximum number of marbles or all the marbles will be the winner, and the other player will be eliminated. Gi-hun couldn’t win with player 001, but Il-nam let Gi-hun win and chose to lose. Il-nam said We are Gganbu, aren’t we and Gganbu shares everything.

Fifth game, Glass Stepping Stones players must reach other side by stepping on glasses, one made of tampered glass and other ordinary glass. 16 players and 16 numbers were given and the players had to chose one number before the game. Gi-hun was going to take number 1, but Player 096 asked Gi-hun to give number 1 to him as for the first time in his life he wanted to be the master of his own life. Gi-hun willingly gave the number 1 jersey to Player 096 and picked up number 16, the only number left. No doubt, being the last player benefitted Gi-hun won the fifth game.

Three players, Sae Byeok (067), Gi-hun (456) and Sang-woo (218) won the fifth game and were the finalists for sixth game, but Sae Byeok (067) was killed by Sang-woo (218) before the sixth game (Squid Game).

Gi-hun was angry on Sang-woo for killing Sae Byeok and he made his mind that will make Sang-woo pay for it. Gi-hun, from the first episode appeared as a stupid person, who made foolish decisions with money and a kind person. Sae Byeok’s death took away Gi-hun’s kindness for his childhood friend Sang-woo, which was definitely needed to win the Squid Game. Gi-hun, this time played the game showing no kindness, no mercy but at the point when was about to kill Sang-woo, he stopped. He decided to leave the game with Sang-woo. Gi-hun thought its better to leave alive rather than go out with his childhood friend dead and 456 KRW. But, Sang-woo wanted the money, he needed it to repay his loans and save his mother’s shop. Sang-woo killed himself as the rule was if the another players stands in a situation that he could not play, the other player stands won.

Sang-woo at his end moments, died saying ‘Mumma, Mumma’ as his last words. Gi-hun’s childhood friend died right in front of him. Gi-hun WON Squid Game.


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