Dynasty Season 5 2021 Episodes

Episode 1: Let’s Start Over Again

Release Date: 20 December 2021

Reports of Fallon’s death are exaggerated. She’s very much alive (surviving a through-and-through gunshot wound) and anxious to ditch the hospital to reverse her company’s free-fall with Sam and Kirby’s help. Jeff recovers in another ward but is cognizant enough to expose Brady’s treachery to Dominique. Alexis is allowed caviar and pumps in prison but denied bail. Amanda starts to gather evidence that Adam (not her mother) murdered Dr. Larson. Blake manipulates the press (again). Exiled Beto sees possibilities in a trashy doppelgänger of Cristal. Fallon gets Liam to admit how angry he still is with her before she lapses into a coma from an undetected infection.

Episode 2: That Holiday Spirit

Release Date: 20 December 2021

Liam rallies the family to have Christmas conversations with comatose Fallon. His are about forgiveness; Kirby tries to stir emotion; Blake confesses vulnerability; Sam and Culhane get hung up on words and holiday decor. Jeff sets up a FBI sting to free Brady of his mob debts, then Dominique parts with him for good. Adam scrambles to find an alibi for the night of the murder, barely keeping ahead of Amanda’s investigation. Dom visits Alexis in prison with bitter tidings. Fallon wavers at death’s bright light, then wakes. Beto trains his new protege, Rita, how to behave like Cristal.


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