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Keenan Tracey as Cam McDermott

Keenan Tracey plays Cam McDermott, a high school senior and son of a local police detective who spends his free time working odd jobs so that he can get out of his small Pennsylvania hometown. Keenan Tracey is an actor and musician based in Los Angeles. He was born on 22 July 1991 in Vancouver, Canada.

Age30 years

Natalie Malaika as Lauren Howell

Natalie Malaika is a young and emerging American actress.

Age24 years

Morgan Holmstrom as Sarah Blackwood

Morgan Holmstrom is an actress.


Kristy Dawn Dinsmore as Amy

Kristy Dawn Dinsmore is a Canadian actress, dancer, and singer.

Age28 years

Miranda Frigon as Paula Bowman

Miranda Frigon is a Canadian Actress and Singer-Songwriter. Miranda Frigon was born on 2 February 1980 in Edmonton, Canada. She plays the role of the town Mayor and mother of Luke Bowman.

Age41 years
SpouseBen Falcioni

Daniel Doheny as Luke Bowman

Daniel Doheny is a Canadian actor. He plays the role of the son of the town mayor, Paula Bowman.

Age23 years

Christopher Russell as Trey Bowman

Christopher Russell is the actor. Christopher Russell was born on 8 January 1983 in Toronto, Canada. Christopher Russell plays the role of Trey Bowman, Husband of the Town Mayor Paula Bowman and Father of Luke Bowman.

Age38 years
Height1.87 m

Dejan Loyola as Jai Fisher

Dejan Loyola is a Canadian actor. Dejan Loyola was born on 16 August 1989.

Age32 years


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