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Cast of The Christmas Ring | Christmas Ring Cast | The Christmas Ring Cast

An antique ring with the inscription, “My Christmas Love 1948” leads reporter Kendra Adams to discover a love story of the ages. With the help of the ring’s owner’s grandson Michael Jones, they learn the legacy his grandparent’s left behind. Will Kendra find one of her own, too?

Main Cast

Nazneen Contractor as Kendra Adams

Nazneen Contractor is an Indian-born Canadian actress, born on 26 August 1982 in Mumbai, India. Nazneen Contractor is the first East Indian to lead a Hallmark channel movie The Christmas Ring.

Age39 years

David Alpay as Michael Jones

David Alpay is a Canadian actor, musician and producer, born on 6 October 1980 in Toronto, Canada.

Age41 years

Kazumi Evans as Sarah

Kazumi Evans is a Canadian actress, born on 14 September 1989 in Vancouver, Canada.

Age32 years

Chelsey Reist as Trish Jones

Chelsey Marie Reist is a Canadian actress, television host, and dancer, born on 4 January 1987 in Edmonton, Canada.

Age34 years

Other Cast

Casey Manderson as Scott Jones

Milo Shandel as Paul

Colleen Wheeler as Linda

Veronika Hadrava as Cathy

Sam Quinn as Cady

Beverley Elliott as Jane

Justin Stone as Peter

Peter Anderson as Samuel



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