Cast of Nightmare Alley 2021

Nightmare Alley is based on the 1946 novel under the same name written by William Lindsay Gresham. Nightmare Alley is a psychological thriller film in which an ambitious man hooks up with a psychiatrist who is comparatively even more corrupt and dangerous.

Bradley Cooper as Stanton Carlisle

Bradley Charles Cooper was born on January 5, 1975 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother, Gloria (Campano), is of Italian descent, and worked for a local NBC station.Bradley began his professional career, appearing opposite Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City (1998) and on the drama series The Beat (2000).

AGE46 years
HEIGHT1.85 m
NET WORTH$100 million
SPOUSEJennifer Esposito (2006–2007)

Cate Blanchett as Dr. Lilith Ritter

Cate Blanchett was born on May 14, 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to June (Gamble), an Australian teacher and property developer, and Robert DeWitt Blanchett, Jr., an American advertising executive, originally from Texas.

AGE52 years
HEIGHT1.74 m
NET WORTH$95 million
SPOUSEAndrew Upton (1997)

Toni Collette as Zeena the Seer

Toni Collette is an Academy Award-nominated Australian actress, best known for her roles in The Sixth Sense (1999) and Little Miss Sunshine (2006). Collette was born Toni Collett (she later added an “e”) on November 1, 1972, in Blacktown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

AGE49 years
HEIGHT1.73 m
NET WORTH$18 million
SPOUSEDave Galafassi (2003)

Willem Dafoe as Clem Hoatley

Willem Dafoe is internationally respected for bringing versatility, boldness, and daring to some of the most iconic films of our time.

AGE66 years
HEIGHT1.75 m
NET WORTH$40 Million
SPOUSEGiada Colagrande (2005)

Richard Jenkins as Ezra Grindle

Richard Jenkins was born on May 4, 1947 in DeKalb, Illinois, USA. He is an actor, known for The Shape of Water (2017), The Visitor (2007) and Step Brothers (2008).

AGE74 years
HEIGHT1.85 m
NET WORTH$8 million
SPOUSESharon R. Friedrick (1969)

Rooney Mara as Molly Cahill

Actress and philanthropist Rooney Mara was born on April 17, 1985 in Bedford, New York. She made her screen debut in the slasher film Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005).

AGE36 years
NET WORTH$16 Million
PARTNERJoaquin Phoenix (2016)

Ron Perlman as Bruno

Ron Perlman is a classically-trained actor who has appeared in countless stage plays, feature films and television productions. Ronald N. Perlman was born April 13, 1950 in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York.

AGE71 years
HEIGHT1.83 m
NET WORTH$4.3 billion
PARTNERAllison Dunbar

Mary Steenburgen as Mrs. Kimball

Mary Steenburgen is an Academy Award-winning American actress. She was born February 8, 1953, in Newport, Arkansas, USA.

AGE68 years
HEIGHT1.73 m
NET WORTH$80 Million
SPOUSETed Danson

David Strathairn as Pete

David Russell Strathairn was born on January 26, 1949 in San Francisco, California.He is the recipient of several accolades, including an Independent Spirit Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Volpi Cup, and has been nominated for an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Critics’ Choice Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and four SAG Awards.

AGE72 years
HEIGHT1.82 m
NET WORTH$8 Million
SPOUSELogan Goodman (1980)

Mark Povinelli as The Major

Mark Povinelli is an American stage, television and movie actor who also does occasional stunt work. Povinelli is also a noted social activist advocating for the rights of others with dwarfism.

AGE50 years
HEIGHT1.14 m
NET WORTH$500 Thousand
SPOUSEHeather Davis (2001)

Holt McCallany as Anderson

Holt McCallany is an American actor, producer and writer. He is known for portraying FBI Special Agent Bill Tench on the series Mindhunter.

AGE58 years
HEIGHT1.87 m
NET WORTH$3 Million
SPOUSENicole Wilson

Paul Anderson as Geek #1

Paul Anderson is an English actor. He came to prominence for portraying Arthur Shelby Jr. in Peaky Blinders.

AGE43 years
HEIGHT1.75 m
NET WORTH$2 million
SPOUSEMilla Jovovich(2009)

Lara Jean Chorostecki as Louise Hoatley

Lara Jean Chorostecki is a Canadian actress known for her role as Fredricka “Freddie” Lounds in the American psychological thriller–horror television series Hannibal.

AGE37 years
HEIGHT1.55 m
NET WORTH$1.1 Million

Jim Beaver as Sheriff Jedediah Judd

James Norman Beaver Jr. is an American actor, writer, and film historian. He is most familiar to worldwide audiences as Bobby Singer in Supernatural.

AGE71 years

Clifton Collins Funhouse Jack

Clifton Craig Collins Jr. is an American actor. After starting in 1990, with small roles in film and on television, Collins gained attention for his performance as Cpl. Ramon Aguilar, a prisoner “serving” under an imprisoned general played by Robert Redford in the 2001 film The Last Castle.

AGE51 years
HEIGHT1.73 m
NET WORTH$2 million
SPOUSEFrancesca Eastwood (2017)

Tim Blake Nelson as Carny Boss

Timothy Blake Nelson is an American actor, director and writer.

AGE57 years
HEIGHT1.65 m
SPOUSELisa Benavides (1994)

David Hewlett as Dr. Elrood

David Ian Hewlett is an English actor, writer and director known for his role as Dr. Rodney McKay on the Canadian-American science fiction TV shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe.

AGE53 years
HEIGHT1.75 m
NET WORTH$2 Million
SPOUSEJane Loughman (2008)


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