Cast of A Christmas Proposal Film 2021 | Christmas Proposal 2021 Cast

Adam Rodriguez as Julian

Adam Michael Rodriguez is an American actor, screenwriter and director, best known for his role as Eric Delko on CSI: Miami. He was born on 2 April 1975 in Yonkers, New York, United States.

Age46 years
Height1.83 m
SpouseGrace Gail

Jessica Camacho as Maria

Jessica Lisa Camacho is an American actress, best known for her recurring role as Gypsy in The CW superhero series The Flash. She was born on 26 November 1982 in California, United States.

Age39 years
Height1.57 m

Jaime M. Callica as Manny

Jaime M. Callica is a Canadian actor. He was born on 3 November 1985.

Age36 years
Height1.78 m

Luisa d’Oliveira as Brooklyn

Luisa D’Oliveira is a Canadian actress, best known for her role as Emori in The CW’s The 100. She was born on 6 October 1986 in Vancouver, Canada.

Age36 years
Height1.65 m

Claudia Ferri as Helena

Claudia Ferri is a Canadian actress. She was born on 5 October 1980 in Montreal, Canada.

Age41 years
Height1.62 m

Geoff Gustafson as Gabe

Geoff Gustafson is an actor and producer. He was born on 20 February 1974 in Vancouver, Canada as Geoffrey James Gustafson.

Age47 years
Height1.69 m

Malaika Jackson as Donna

Malaika Jackson is an actress and producer. Malaika Jackson is former Miss. Caribbean Canada.


Andres Soto as Bennett

Andrés Soto Valverde (aka Alexander Soto) is an actor from San José, Costa Rica.



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