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Blood Red Sky Netflix Cast

Blood Red Sky is a German movie and it is one of the top 10 movies trending on Netflix. Blood Red Sky is a must watch movie. Blood Red Sky is the story of a woman who must bring to light the dark side of her, in order to save her son from a group of terrorists.

Blood Red Sky Synopsis

Nadja, a mother with a strange illness, with her son Elias, take a transoceanic flight from Berlin to New York. Shortly after takeoff, the plane is hijacked by a group of terrorists and Nadja is forced into action in order to survive and protect her son at all costs, even if it means revealing a dark secret that she has hidden for a long time. Nadja had to reveal the monster inside her that she’s hidden for so long a vampire.

Peri Baumeister as Nadja

Carl Anton Koch as Elias

Dominic Purcell as Berg

Chidi Ajufo as Curitz

Leonie Brill as Julia

Alexander Scheer as Robert

Kais Setti as Farid



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