Best Animated Movies That Touch a Sensitive Subject

Animated movies are a fun way to enjoy some time with your family and kids. Maybe it is the safest bet in the plethora of sensitive and family-restricted content online. However, slowly, the transition of animated movies have made us doubt the way we perceive cartoon. Previously, animated movies have been accused of toxic plots with extremely unrealistic storylines and no character development. Be it Barbie, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Beauty and the Beast, you will see the glorification of wealth and money.

Moreover, these shows have unrealistic beauty standards and can make you question the romantic theories that we are instilling in the mind of kids. However, with the cultural shift, animated movies have shown improvement. From touchy subjects to family traumas, and mental health, almost every topic has been delivered through animation. Animation is no longer a medium that is just limited to kids; instead, you will find it a full family entertainment.

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Animated Movies That Touch a Sensitive Subject

Cloaked with fun colorful cartoons and caricatures, some movies have a strong message that can tug at the heartstrings and teach you more than any literature book ever can. In recent times where modern literature is slowly becoming a method of rewriting traditions, you will see its reflection in animation and cinema as well. As someone who enjoys movies, you might have come across so many motion pictures that are thought-provoking addressing sensitive issues. These digital pieces challenge norms, traditions, and gender orientations as well. Moreover, the social issues addressed in these animation pieces are helping kids to become fearless with their life decisions and unique to appreciate differences.

Here are some fun movies that touch sensitive subjects and go beyond the ordinary storyline of romantic love.

1.    Inside Out

Genre: Family, Comedy

Duration:  1hr. 35m

Available on: Disney+

Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing

How trauma influences life is one of the few sensitive subjects that you will never see people talk about with kids. Inside out is one of the very first animated movies that explain the grieving and trauma stages right from extreme pain to developing anger and getting back to being happy. The story is so simple yet it unravels all complex human emotions. Inside out helps kids to understand the stages of grieving as well. 

2.    Big Hero 6

Genre: family, adventure

Duration:  1hr. 42m

Available on: Disney+

Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Big hero 6 is not just another robotic thriller movie. It talks about the importance of platonic bonds, sibling love, and some revenge. The story has a very broad magnitude so you will notice that unlike white and black characters; sometimes situations turn our characters grey. Moreover, this picture highlights how the loss of a loved one changes our perspective on life.

3.    Up

Genre: drama, fantasy, adventure

Duration:  1hr. 36m

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar.

Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Up is one of the most loved Disney movies. The movie touches on various sensitive subjects that most people do not want to address for kids. From the trauma of losing a spouse to fertility issues and financial problems. You will also see friendship and human compassion in a completely new light. The story mainly addresses the extraordinary friendship between an old man and a young child. In modern society where unusual friendships are considered toxic, this story does not push unidimensional friendship and relationship boundaries; instead, it shows that compassion surpasses relations sometimes.

4.    The Breadwinner

Genre: drama, family 

Duration:  1hr. 34m

Available on: Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.

Distributor: Elevation Pictures, Studio Canal

Breadwinner is a story that most people will never share with kids mainly because it is not as cheerful as most animated movies. The story revolves around an Afghani girl affected by war who immigrates to a new country where she finds a way to support her family. From cross-dressing to gender-neutral roles and the effect of war on kids and families, this movie is one of a kind. Not only for kids but also for women in the modern world trying to bend gender roles, the breadwinner makes it clear that sometimes survival is more important than traditions.

5.    Brave

Genre: family, fantasy, adventure

Duration:  1hr. 33m

Available on: Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar.

Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Brave is a modern take on a very traditional story. Where most parents find it, hard to explain why being independent is important and relying on basic gender stereotypes can be harmful, brave teaches that breaking stereotypes does not strip you of your femininity. As most women even in adult life debate about femininity, independence, and gender roles, the story of brave offers a very liberating take on the traditions.

6.    Wall-E

Genre: sci-fi, adventure

Duration:  1hr. 38m

Available on: Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar.

Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In the modern world where sustainability is becoming a hot topic, this 2008 picture was surely ahead of its times. From gender-fluid expression to touching on sensitive topics like using too much technology or not disposing of trash properly, wall-e is a movie that you should enjoy with family. The best thing about this movie was the simple storyline and very few dialogues so everyone from around the world could enjoy this remarkable story without feeling excluded.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, animated movies might not be seen as something that can be used for addressing sensitive issues like human emotions, social issues, and gender stereotypes. However, it is safe to say that these movies have not only touched sensitive topics but also addressed them well.


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