Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1 Cast

Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Three Slaps’ episode aired on 24 March 2022. Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1 Cast includes:

Donald Glover as Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks

Brian Tyree Henry as Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles

LaKeith Stanfield as Darius

Zazie Beetz as Van

Jamie Neumann as Gayle

Laura Dreyfuss as Amber

Christopher Farrar as Loquareeous

Tobias Segal as White

Tyrell Munn as Black

Jillian Batherson as Mrs. Conner

Nicole Lockley as Mom

Timothy Tinker Sr. as Grandpa

Princess Elmore as Principal Miller

Lauren Halperin as Counselor Grier

Jenne Kang as Asian Social Worker

Sean Jay as Lanre

Kaleel Harrison as Yves

Madison Keaton as Fatima


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