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Archive 81 Netflix Cast

Archive 81 is an American horror streaming television series. The series Archive 81 released on 14th January 2022 on Netflix.

Main Cast

Mamoudou Athie as Dan Turner

Age33 years

Dina Shihabi as Melody Pendras

Age32 years

Evan Jonigkeit as Samuel Spare

Age38 years

Julia Chan as Anabelle Cho

Age37 years

Ariana Neal as Jess Lewis

Age17 years

Matt McGorry as Mark Higgins

Age35 years

Martin Donovan as Virgil Davenport

Age64 years

Emy Coligado as Helen Yung

Age50 years

Other Cast

Daniel Johnson as Visser Tenant

Kate Eastman as Tamara Stefano

Charlie Hudson III as Steven Turner

Kristin Griffith as Cassandra Wall

Johnna Leary as Visser Tenant

Eden Marryshow as John Smith

Trayce Malachi as Young Dan

Jaxon Rose Moore as Emily Turner

Sol Miranda as Beatriz Reyes

Martin Sola as Father Russo

Gameela Wright as Erika Lewis



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