Who Plays Leonard on Grantchester

Al Weaver plays Leonard on Grantchester. Alexander Paul Weaver is an English actor and writer, born on 3 January 1981 in Bolton District, United Kingdom.

Age40 years

Does Leonard Leave Grantchester 2021

It is 100% sure that Leonard does not Leave Grantchester 2021. Below is the Instagram post by Al Weaver aka Leonard which confirms that he is a part of the cast of Grantchester 2021.

grantchester #masterpiece #itvnews were on at 9 tonight itv1 – season 6 – strap in it’s a crazy 8 ep season! X

Source – Instagram

What happens to Leonard in Grantchester Season 6

In Season 6 Episode 5, Leonard receives a six-month prison sentence for gross indecency.

Does Leonard leave Grantchester in Season 6

No, Leonard does not leave Grantchester in Season 6. Leonard is very much a part of the Cast of Grantchester in Season 6.

Al Weaver Photos

Al Weaver Twitter

Alexander Paul Weaver does not have a official Twitter account.


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