Who plays Carlton Flynn in Stay Close

Connor Calland plays Carlton Flynn in Stay Close.

Connor Calland is a professional actor. Connor Calland was born on 28 January 1997.

Connor Calland is 24 years old.

Follow Connor Calland on Instagram —>>> c_calland

Stay Close Carlton Flynn Dad

Ross Boatman plays the role of Del Flynn, dad of Carlton Flynn in Stay Close.

Ross Maxim Boatman is an English actor, professional poker player and a member of the poker-playing group the Hendon Mob. Ross Boatman was born on 3 March 1964 in Kings Cross, London, United Kingdom. Ross Boatman is 57 years old.

Cast of Stay Close Barbie

Poppy Gilbert plays Barbie in Stay Close. Poppy Gilbert is an actress. Follow Poppy on Instagram —>>> poppy_gilbert

Where was Stay Close Filmed

Stay Close was filmed in North England (Blackpool, Liverpool, and Manchester). The original book was set in Atlantic City in the USA.


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