Who is leaving Station 19 in 2021

After watching Grey’s Anatomy & Station 19 Crossover fans are worried if Ben Warren, portrayed by Jason George is leaving Station 19. Jason Winston George is an American actor and model.

As per the tweet made by Jason George today, it is quite clear that Jason George is leaving Station 19 in 2021.

The tweet quoted above is clearly a farewell, Goodbye tweet. The lines “We got teary Even after cameras stopped rolling Especially me” clearly explains Jason George (Ben Warren) is leaving the show Station 19.

Station 19 Season 5 Episode 4 – 100% or Nothing

Both Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy will return on 11 November 2021 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Till 11th November, we have to wait to find out if Ben Warren is leaving Station 19 or not.

In Station 19 & Grey’s Anatomy crossover event, there is an explosion that shakes the firehouse and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. At first, the firefighters weren’t sure whether it was an explosion or an earthquake. However, later Travis confirms to someone about a second explosion. I’m trying to call Ben, but he’s not picking up – Bailey says to Richard Webber.

In another scene, we see Bailey yelling at everyone to move as she pulls a gurney into the emergency room. It seems like it is Ben whom she’s transporting. In another scene, we see Owen’s sister, Megan Hunt breaks down crying outside an operating room. It is assumed till now that it is Ben Warren who is leaving Station 19.


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