Who does Vinny Choose on Double Shot at Love

As the show Double Shot At Love is still running, it is really difficult to say whom does Vinny choose finally, but taking into consideration about the scenario, it seems that Vinny Guadagnino and Akielia Ruckerdo are really getting close. Though, it is not confirm that both of them are going to get together.

Vinny Guadagnino

Vincent J. Guadagnino is an American reality television personality. Vinny Guadagnino was born on 11 November 1987 in Staten Island, New York, United States.

Age34 years
Height1.71 m

Akielia Ruckerdo


History of Vinny Guadagnino in Double Shot At Love

Double Shot at Love Season 1

Vinny was torn between two women Elle Wilson and Alysse Joyner of which Vinny chose Alysse, which did not last long.

Double Shot at Love Season 2

In Season 2, Vinny was possibly going to end up with Maria Elizondo, but the season ended with neither of them getting together.


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