Three Identical Strangers Netflix USA

Three Identical Strangers is the story of three identical looking 19 year old men who find that they are actually triplets. The shocking documentary is available only on Netflix UK/IE. You can also watch Three Identical Strangers on Amazon & Hulu.

Three twins are separated and adopted by three different families. Years later, the incredible reunion becomes a global sensation, but it also reveals an unimaginable secret that has radical repercussions.

Here is the link to Netflix’s Facebook post. Netflix on Facebook posted on 17 April 2021 about Three Identical Strangers streaming on Netflix UK/IE.

Is Three Identical Strangers streaming on Netflix USA

The question is whether Three Identical Strangers is streaming on Netflix USA?

The answer is NO. For now Three Identical Strangers is streaming only in UK/IE region.

How to Watch Three Identical Strangers on Netflix USA?

Well the answer is simple. If you know how to use VPN, then just change the region. If you change the region from USA to UK, the documentary Three Identical Strangers will be available to watch.

Watch the Documentary Three Identical Strangers to know how triplets who were raised apart found each other.

Three Identical Strangers Explained

Brit Tim Wardle’s award-winning documentary Three Identical Strangers showcases one of the most gripping and complex stories. With a conventional structure and dramatizations reminiscent of Investigation Discovery shows, the record takes such unthinkable paths that the atmosphere of a thriller is breathed.

The director’s idea is to analyze how after those years of discovering their brotherly love, the triplets grew apart. One of them comments that it was because of the difference in work ethic and another because they simply did not understand each other. On the other, and perhaps the apotheosis of the work, it has to do with the mystery of its adoption and post-separation.

The triplets were separated at 6 months and they found each other when they were 19.

New York is a huge city so that strange things don’t happen. In 1980, by these coincidences – or rather causalities – three strangers discover that they are identical triplets, separated at birth. A joyous reunion after 19 years inserts them in the media, but also opens a disturbing secret that goes beyond their own lives.

Everything was going well until the information surfaced that the separation was not accidental. Quite the contrary: young people were part of a secretly devised social experiment. The defunct adoption agency Louise Wise separated a different family for each newborn so that the children could participate in a study developed by the Child Development Center, an institute that later merged with the Jewish organization Board. Families would not know that babies had twins.

When the parents of the triplets demanded explanations from the adoption agency about the fact that they had withheld this information, it was alleged that the separation was kept confidential due to difficulties in finding people willing to adopt three babies at once. However, the real objective was to facilitate a project by the Austrian-born psychiatrist Peter Neubauer, who at that time was working for the Child Development Center. His plan was to research how genetics influence the development of twins that grow in environments different socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as what would have the most impact on their lives: genetics or breeding? Are individuals shaped by the environment they live in, or are genes that determine who they are and who they will become? With such inquiries, Neubauer and his team monitored the boys for many years, never revealing to the families the true motives of the investigation, as well as about the other twins. When they finally discovered the psychiatrist’s secret plan, from an investigation by a journalist, they criticized him and called the study cruel and compared the research to social experiments carried out by the Nazis in World War II.


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