The Christmas Cottage Cast

Lacey Quinn has been given the title of maid-of-honor for her best friend’s wedding at the magical Christmas Cottage. She isn’t convinced that happily ever after exists, until she meets the bride-to-be’s brother, Ean Callaghan who opens her eyes to the possibility of true love.

Merritt Patterson as Lacey Quinn

Merritt Patterson is a Canadian actress, born on 2 September 1990 in Whistler, Canada.

Age30 years
SpouseDave Patterson
Height1.65 m

Steve Lund as Ean Callaghan

Steve Lund is a Canadian actor, born on 9 January 1989 in Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada.

Age32 years
Height1.91 m

Brittney Wilson as Ava Callaghan

Brittney Wilson is a Canadian actress, born on 26 March 1991 in Chilliwack, Canada.

Age30 years

Victor Zinck Jr. as Roger Whistler


Carey Feehan as Mason Cavalry

Carey Feehan is an Actor, writer, producer and musician, born on 18 August 1983 in Edmonton, Canada.

Age38 years


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