Taylor and Isaiah Amazing Race

Taylor Green-Jones and Isaiah Green-Jones met each other on Facebook. They dated for six years and got married on 4th August 2019. The married couple went viral for the flash mob dance they did at their wedding. Taylor and Isaiah are one of the pairs of The Amazing Race show is a reality Television show having eleven teams consisting of a pair in each team. The eleven teams have to travel to 13 cities, seven countries, and 22 thousand miles. In the process of traveling, they have to play challenges and do tasks to get the clue to their next destination. The show Amazing Race premiered on CBS on 12 January 2022, while the two-hour premiere episode has been out on 5th January 2022.

Taylor and Isaiah Viral Flash Mob Dance

Taylor Green-Jones

Taylor Green-Jones is a YouTuber. Taylor is from Portland, Oregon. Taylor Green-Jones works as a cardio dancer and is known for his Shake Down Hip-Hop Cardio dance. Taylor teaches cardio dance classes in the JJT Studio located at 7725 SW Nimbus Ave, Beaverton.

Age38 years

Isaiah Green-Jones

Isaiah Green-Jones is a YouTuber. Isaiah is from Portland, Oregon. Isaiah attends his husband’s dance classes.

Age31 years


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