Standing Up Netflix Cast

Mariama Gueye as Aïssatou

Age32 years

Younes Boucif as Nezir


Elsa Guedj as Apolline


Olivier Kissita as Vladimir


Eva Rami as Wanda

Samir Decazza as Stand-upper

Gabrielle Cohen as Stand-upper

Hugues Jourdain as Stand-upper

Ahmed Shawky Shaheen

Jean Siuen as Bling

Other Cast

Mouss Zouheyri as Ibrahim

Pascale Arbillot as Petra

Marc Riso as Laurent Califano

Stéphane Debac as Philippe Tifflot

Arthur Pillu-Périer as Maxime

Mathilde Lamusse as Daphné

Hervé Pierre as Pierre Emmanuel

Julie Schotsmans as Productrice Tifflot


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