Singles Inferno 3 Spoilers Ending

Single’s Inferno, Netflix’s hit reality dating series, is nearing the end of Season 3 as fans await the release of Episode 10. Season 3, Episode 10 will premiere on Netflix on Tuesday, January 9 at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT.

Single’s Inferno is a popular South Korean reality show that blends a survival-style series with the idea of battling for love by placing players on an island from which they must escape, hopefully as a couple.

The series, which is frequently likened to Bachelor in Paradise, regularly ranks in Netflix’s Global Top 10, including Season 3, which features a fresh batch of solo competitors getting to know one another.

Season 3 of Netflix’s Single’s Inferno heats up as players quickly transition from single to couple, savouring the delights of Paradise.

With a new crop of competitors and new regulations, the third season of the famous Netflix Korean dating reality series has a few surprises up its sleeve. As passions and envy fly, the drama will be juicier and more tantalising than ever before.

A total of 12 competitors will be hunting for love on a desolate island, as they did in the first season. However, according to the rules, the only way to acquire intimate details about a potential partner is to go to Paradise. Paradise is a little different this time around, with Single’s Inferno Season 3 giving the couples more to explore.

Certain couples travelling to Paradise have already won over fans and may be the endgame of the dating series.

Singles Inferno 3 Spoilers

To everyone’s surprise on the desolate island, the first couples picked to go to Paradise arrived soon after they arrived. Min-young initially expressed interest in Jin-seok and his more manly vibe. The competitors were issued aircraft tickets after a small supper of vegetables and canned chicken.

Each person had to surrender theirs to the person with whom they wished to go to Paradise. Choi Min-woo and Jin-seok had both given Min-young a ticket. Min-woo was drawn to her because of her lively and open demeanour. When it came time to pick a partner, Min-young went with Jin-seok.

Gwan-hee’s choice of Hye-seon as his Paradise companion came as no surprise. They’ve been interested in each other since they arrived on the island. Gwan-hee eagerly handed her his ticket, while Hye-seon simply handed him hers.

Only Kim Gyu-ri and Min-woo remained after the paired couples. Min-woo had chosen Min-young, leaving him in Inferno with Gyu-ri. Even the hosts of Single’s Inferno Season 3 found Gyu-ri’s rejection by Min-woo unpleasant.

The regulations of Single’s Inferno Season 3 had modified, unbeknownst to the contestants and fans. The new season features two separate sets of participants on different islands who vote in the same way. Five participants on Island #2 were also selecting couples for Paradise.

But there was drama from the start in this group since Yun Ha-jeong knows another candidate Yi Si-eun. To make matters worse, they both have the similar taste in men and have set their sights on Park Min-kyu. During the Paradise selection, she and Ha-jeong both chose Min-kyu. But, in the end, Min-kyu decided to accompany Ha-jeong to Paradise.

Their spark most likely occurred during lunch, when Ha-jeong amused Min-kyu by giving him all the tasty carrots. He claimed that all of his were bitter. Si-eun, Son Won-ik, and Yun Ha-bin were left alone on the island.

With the selected couples, Single’s Inferno Season 3 put a twist to Paradise. The next morning, all of the couples were informed that one of them would not be travelling with their selected companion. In an unexpected turn of events, Hye-seon left Gwan-hee at the hotel to meet Min-kyu. They quickly discovered the other contenders on the other island.

In exchange, Min-kyu went to Hye-seon’s island with her. Gwan-hee also met Ha-jeong and accompanied her to her island with Min-young. Sparks flew between Gyu-ri and Min-kyu due to the sudden change in contestants. They appeared smitten with one other the moment they met, according to the hosts and fans.

Gyu-ri, Hye-seon, Min-hyuk, Jin-seok, and Min-woo had to make a decision about the next batch of couples for Paradise. Gyu-ri ultimately chose Min-hyuk, a newbie. She added that, while she appreciated Hye-seon’s company, she found Jin-seok and Min-hyuk to be more approachable. The final three finalists did not compete for Paradise.

After all, being stuck on Inferno isn’t so horrible. With more time spent together, it appears that Si-eun and Won-ik have found common ground. Won-ik and Si-eun were matched together after voting for each other after the couple’s decision on the opposite island in Single’s Inferno Season 3.

Their Paradise night was nice and romantic. Except for their honest talk as they got to know each other, not much was seen of their time together. They later took a plunge in the rose-petal-encrusted hot tub. Si-eun described him as easy to talk to and cute in many aspects. She sees him differently as well, but is that enough?

Fans and the hosts of Single’s Inferno Season 3 are keeping a watch on Ha-jeong because her flirty methods will either cause her difficulty or lead her to love. She first travelled to Paradise with Min-kyu, whom she described as being near to her ideal type.

When she saw Gwan-hee, she changed her mind, claiming he was almost her ideal type. She let her seduction talents take over and baited Gwan-hee into accompanying her to Paradise within minutes of meeting him. During their brief stay on the island, they sparred and flirted with one other.

It was no surprise that they were the next couple paired to go to Paradise together. The pairing left Min-young and Ha-bin alone on the island.

Min-woo was finally allowed to visit Paradise, but with a twist. One female participant was missing from the total of 12, as expected. Cho Min-ji, the newcomer, was quickly revealed. Each male contestant was given a brief one-on-one date with her to introduce themselves. However, Single’s Inferno Season 3 throws another curveball to the couple on their way to Paradise.

Min-ji got to choose two of the male candidates to accompany her to Paradise. She eventually settled on Min-woo and Jin-seok. It would be the first time for Min-woo. The voice revealed Min-ji will embark on two separate dates inside a luxurious limo. A dinner date and a pool date. She’d pick one contestant for each.

She chose the quiet and controversial Min-woo for supper. Jin-seok was chosen for a pool date at the same time.

Some of the female candidates demonstrated that they are not as frail as they appear. The female candidates competed in a ‘catch the tail’ match to determine who gets to choose the next pairs for the next vacation to Paradise. Gyu-ri was not to be underestimated, as she proved ferocious enough to win while maintaining grace and a grin.

She defeated Si-eun in her opening round match. The final three of the six then competed in a three-way match to determine who would finish first, second, and third. Gyu-ri triumphed once more and took first place.

Paradise had first pick and chose Min-woo as her date. Gyu-ri has shown the most interest in him, so the option was obvious. While Min-woo was also interested in Si-eun, his date with Gyu-ri seems to have changed his mind. The two enjoyed the delights of Paradise, including a boat trip and a refreshing dip.

During the match, Hye-seon was pitted against Ha-jeong by chance. But only Hye-seon triumphed. When it came down to the final three, she came in second place and got to choose who would accompany her to Paradise.

Hye-seon and Won-ik were the second pair to depart. Her decision was not surprising given that she had told Gwan-hee that she wanted to get to know the others while she still had the opportunity. Fans had previously seen her natural ease around Won-ik. But that didn’t mean Gwan-hee wasn’t irritated in some way.

In Paradise, the pair took use of some of the amenities available in Single’s Inferno Season 3. Such as a delicious supper and a gorgeous automobile journey. Fans knew Hye-seon’s heart wasn’t in the proper place, and she and Won-ik eventually ended up discussing Gwan-hee.

In actuality, Si-eun’s decision to travel to Paradise with Min-kyu was a last resort. She finished third in the final three against Gyu-ri and Hye-seon. But she had also recognised that Gyu-ri was likely to pick Min-woo first. There was a natural spark between Si-eun and Min-woo in Single’s Inferno Season 3.

Their emotions were left as mere glances because they had yet to travel to Paradise to fully understand how they felt. In return, Si-eun chose Min-kyu, who was a safer bet. There’s no doubting they weren’t overly invested in their date. While Si-eun was interested in Min-woo, Min-kyu was also interested in Gyu-ri. They, too, found themselves discussing their admiration for the others.

Gwan-hee chose Min-ji as his Paradise date, much to everyone’s amazement. His acts disappointed Hye-seon and Ha-jeong. During their date, Gwan-hee appeared to be influenced once more by Min-ji and her charm. Many people may see that Min-ji is more honest and frank about her love for Gwan-hee, which he had stated liking in a lady.

The tension between the two escalated as Gwan-hee revealed a caring side to him that the hosts had not seen before. By all accounts, Min-ji appeared to have won him over.

Gyu-ri and Min-kyu were one of the expected couples to visit Paradise. He has expressed his feelings for her several times on the island, but fans are aware that Gyu-ri has begun to see something in Min-woo as well. She had hoped to spend more time on the island talking to him.

But, in Paradise, the two became friendly and had an open talk about their mutual interests. Min-kyu is well aware of her possible sentiments for Min-woo and has no qualms about allowing her to express them. Through and through, a Green Flag.

While there was some grief between them, Gyu-ri stated in her interview that she wasn’t sure if she felt butterflies, but she did agree that she felt more at ease with him in Paradise.

Won-ik, who finished third in the race, was the last to set his date for Paradise. He had selected Si-eun, much to her chagrin. Even the hosts agreed that she always missed the appropriate moment to have an honest conversation with Min-woo while on the island.

Won-ik pointed out Min-woo and his determination to defeat him in the race during their time in Paradise. Si-eun was honest about her love for Min-woo, and Won-ik apologised for it. He didn’t want her to feel like she was hiding something from anyone. But he stated that he was relieved that the terrible timing between her and Min-woo had continued. The hosts agreed that he was only being honest about his feelings.

In Single’s Inferno Season 3 Episode 9, the couples complete their circle. The female participants competed in a chicken fight to gain the opportunity to choose their Paradise dates. Hye-seon, Min-ji, and Ha-jeong were the final three. When chatting privately with Hye-seon, host Lee Da-hee questioned Gwan-hee’s behaviour as cowardly. Gwan-hee has a crush on all three of them. Because Hye-seon was the first to win, she got to pick him.

Their Paradise date had been anticipated by fans because they were one of the first couples to go when the series originally aired. Gwan-hee acknowledged that he was hesitant to go since he was easily seduced by her. He told the truth as their date in Paradise went off without a hitch and with natural chemistry.

He even entered the hottub, despite Min-ji’s request. Both have obvious feelings for each other, but Gwan-hee has yet to validate them to Hye-seon. When the two flirted about sleeping in the same bed, fans blushed.

For a variety of reasons, fans felt horrible for Min-ji and Min-kyu’s Paradise date. Min-ji had no choice but to chose someone else with Hye-seon in Paradise with Gwan-hee. She willingly chose Min-kyu, but her behaviour in the helicopter quickly irritated admirers.

She tried several times to grab Gwan-hee’s attention while seated next to him. He ignored her, causing Min-ji to cry and Min-kyu to let her to wipe her tears on his shirt. He is a true gentleman. Fans were outraged that she showed no respect for Hye-seon or her date.

Min-ji apologised to Min-kyu for crying when she had chosen him. Min-kyu was more of an emotional counsellor than a date in Paradise. He agreed that Gwan-hee was severe in the helicopter. Meanwhile, Min-ji was concerned about him having fun with Hye-seon and the travel back. Min-kyu advised her to disclose the truth to him.

Fans will have to wait and see whether there are any sparks between Ha-bin and Ha-jeong. Ha-jeong chose her next best alternative once Gwan-hee became unavailable. Ha-bin and Ha-jeong have shown camaraderie and a lighthearted demeanour. When she chose him, she told him that he was going to Paradise because of her.


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