Player 299 Squid Game Reddit

Spencer has nine siblings and believes he is best suited for endurance events due to his love of long-distance running. He wishes to make as many friends as possible since he does not believe he can win on his own.

Spencer Hawkins, also known as Player 299, did not regret his choice of the umbrella in the Dalgona challenge on Squid Game: The Challenge.

Yes, he witnessed how difficult it was to carve out the form from the honeycomb cookie on Netflix’s Squid Game. When Spencer was obliged to choose a shape for his entire line, along with three other players, it was either get eliminated or agree to perform the umbrella. The stress of making the selection and the game itself, combined with the negative reactions from the rest of his group, caused Spencer to gag for what felt like an eternity. And, while he was on the verge of successfully removing the umbrella from his cookie, he broke it in the final seconds and was eliminated.

“I don’t think I’m really nervous about what I did in the show,” Spencer says to EW before watching it. “It’s an emotional moment when everything comes to an end, but I didn’t think I’d get any screen time at all because it’s difficult to stand out with 456 people.” I’m not sure what ended up on the screen. I recall talking something in that room with the four other people as we were choosing the shapes, and I guess I said something embarrassing — I don’t remember what, but the concept of me becoming a meme kept coming back to me. Perhaps that’s what will happen.”


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