Oak Island Cast 2021

The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 airs new episodes every Tuesday. The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 special aired on 5th October 2021 and the first episode of Season 9 aired on 2 November 2021.

Rick Lagina

Rick Lagina is an American reality television personality and retired United States postal worker from Northern Michigan who has dreamed of solving the Oak Island mystery. Rick is elder brother of Marty Lagina.

Age69 years

Marty Lagina

Marty Lagina is a reality television personality, engineer and entrepreneur. Marty Lagina is known for his works in The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down (2015) and The Curse of Oak Island (2015-2021). His upcoming project is 80 Proof (2023). Marty is not only the producer of The Curse of Oak Island show but also one of the people who fund it. Marty was born on 26 August 1955 in Kingsford, Michigan, United States. Marty is younger brother of Rick Lagina.

Age66 years
SpouseM Olivia Lagina

Charles Barkhouse

Charles Barkhouse is the historian.

Craig Tester

Craig is an engineer and an expert with drilling and resistivity (earth scans) and has been instrumental in researching, locating and planning new dig operations on Oak Island. Craig has a wrestling background.

David Blankenship

David is the son of legendary late treasure hunter Dan Blankenship and a longtime resident of Oak Island. A serious workplace accident almost 30 years ago has caused him to have limited mobility, but he’s never let it slow him down.

Miriam Amirault

Miriam Amirault is an archaeologist. Follow Miriam on Facebook —>>> Miriam Amirault

Oak Island Cast Member Dies 2021

Dan Blankenship is the Oak Island cast member who died. Dan Blankenship was born on 23 May 1923 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Dan never gave up the search, and his legacy will live on until the treasure is found.

Dan Blankenship

Dan knew the most about Oak Island’s legends and its tightly guarded secrets. He spent over 50 years—and an untold fortune—searching, drilling and digging on the island. Dan read the same 1965 Reader’s Digest as Rick and, shortly thereafter, uprooted himself and his wife from their life in Florida to get in on the treasure hunt. Dan Blankenship passed away aged 95.


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