Cast of Maggie on Hulu

Maggie premiered on Hulu on 6th July 2022. Maggie’s gift allows her to see into the future of her friends, parents, clients, and random people on the street. But when she begins to see glimpses of her own destiny after meeting an unexpected stranger, her romantic life suddenly gets a lot more complicated. Can you let yourself fall in love when you think you know how it ends?

Rebecca Rittenhouse as Maggie

Rebecca Rittenhouse is an American actress.

Age33 years

David Del Rio as Ben

David Del Rio is an American actor, director and producer.

Age34 years

Nichole Sakura as Louise

Nichole Sakura O’Connor, formerly credited as Nichole Bloom, is an American actress and model.

Age32 years

Angelique Cabral as Amy

Angelique Cabral is an American actress.

Age43 years

Chloe Bridges as Jessie

Ray Ford as Angel

Leonardo Nam as Dave

Kerri Kenney as Maria

Chris Elliott as Jack

Adam Korson as Daniel

Other Cast

  • Trent Garrett as John
  • Martin Mull as Zach
  • Andy Favreau as Sam
  • Arica Himmel as Abby
  • Jake Lockett as Plant Guy
  • Christina Kartchner as Rachel
  • Allison Acosta as Lucy
  • Lola Paja as Allegra


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