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Lindsay Birbeck

Lindsay Birbeck, age 47 (when she was murdered) a teaching assistant was killed in 2019 by teenager Rocky Marciano Price, age 16 (when he murdered Lindsay Birbeck), while she was taking a walk through the woods in the area known as Coppice in Accrington. Rocky Marciano Price killed Lindsay Birbeck and buried her body in a cemetery.

Lindsay Birbeck taking a walk through the wooded area known as Coppice, few moments before she was killed

Lindsay Birbeck was missing for almost two weeks. On 24 August 2019, her body was found at Accrington Cemetary, where her murderer Rocky Marciano Price buried her.


On 14 August 2020, Rocky Marciano Price was jailed for life at Preston Crown Court and the Court said he must serve a minimum of 16 years behind bars.

Rocky Marciano Price

Lindsay Birbeck Documentary Name

Britain’s Deadliest Kids: The Murder of Lindsay Birbeck

Here is the link to watch The Murder of Lindsay Birbeck on Discovery+

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Britain’s Deadliest Kids: The Murder of Lindsay Birbeck is streaming on Discovery+. Season 3 Episode 2 – The Murder of Lindsay Birbeck is free to watch. All you need is to login if you already have a account or register if you do not have a account.


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