Kitz Netflix Cast

To get revenge on the girl she holds responsible for her brother’s death, a 19-year-old waitress infiltrates the flashy world of a group of wealthy teenagers.

Main Cast

Valerie Huber as Vanessa von Höhenfeldt

Valerie Huber is an Austrian actress and model.

A spoiled model, Vanessa spends the holiday season in Kitzbühel partying with other wealthy socialites. After a traumatic incident, she finds an unlikely friend in Lisi — or so she thinks.

Age25 years
Height1.7 m

Sofie Eifertinger as Lisi Madlmeyer

Sofie Eifertinger is an actress.

Reeling from her brother’s death, Lisi works at a local tavern in a ski resort town frequented by the wealthy. Forgoing college in London, Lisi stays in town to seek revenge against Vanessa, the model she holds responsible for her brother’s car accident, by infiltrating her inner circle.

Age25 years

Bless Amada as Dominik Reid

Bless Amada is an actor.

Vanessa’s boyfriend Dominik dreams of designing cars but questions his privilege when he meets Lisi. Applying to design school weighs heavily on him as he grapples with accepting opportunities that come too easily.

Age24 years

Zoran Pingel as Kosh Ziervogel

Zoran Pingel is an actor.

Heir to a hotel fortune, Kosh parties excessively, often to his friend Vanessa’s dismay. As a romantic relationship with a local man blossoms, he reflects on whether he can change his ways.

Age22 years

Ben Felipe as Hans Gassner

Ben Felipe is an actor.

Lisi’s closest friend and confidant, Hans shares her grief and anger over her brother’s death. A willing accomplice in her plot for revenge, Hans finds himself entangled in the world of wealth and glamour they both resent.

Age23 years

Other Cast

Felix Mayr as Joseph Madlmeyer

Tatjana Alexander as Mitzi Madlmeyer

Souhaila Amade as Antonia

Florence Kasumba as Regine Forsell

Johannes Zeiler as Georg Madlmeyer

Steffen Wink as Ferdinand von Höhenfeld

Alexander Gaida as Basto

Andreas Pietschmann as Conny Breidenbacher

Wolf Bachofner as Arnold Gassner

Simone Fuith as Helma Gassner

Krista Tcherneva as Pippa

Nadeshda Brennicke as Claire von Höhenfeld

Tyron Ricketts as Kingsley Reid


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