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In the 1960s, a Holocaust survivor joins a group of self-trained spies who seek justice against Nazis fleeing to Spain to hide after WWII.

Blanca Suárez as Isabel Garrido

Blanca Martínez Suárez is a Spanish actress, born on 21 October 1988 in Madrid, Spain.

Age33 years
Height1.65 m
Net worth$5 million

Iván Marcos as Lucena

Iván Marcos is a Spanish actor, born in Galicia, Spain.

Age32 years
Height1.8 m

Óscar Casas as Castro

Oscar Casas is a Spanish actor, born on September 21, 1998 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Age23 years
Height1.81 m
Net worth$1 million

Adrián Lastra as Sordo

Luis Adrián Álvaro Lastra is a Spanish actor, dancer and singer, born on 26 February 1984 in Madrid, Spain.

Age37 years
Height1.74 m
Net worth$5 million

Francesc Garrido as Marsé

Francesc Garrido is an actor, born on 7 September 1969 in Barcelona, Spain.

Age52 years

Stefan Weinert as Otto Bachmann

Stefan Weinert is a German actor, born on 26 April 1964 in Cologne, Germany.

Age57 years
Height1.79 m


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