Idaho Murders Documentary

“Taking viewers into the close-knit college community and on the ground in Moscow, ‘The Idaho College Murders’ will retrace the crime and the possible activities of the police’s primary suspect in custody, PHD student Bryan Kohberger,” according to the documentary’s official synopsis.

The comprehensive special will also delve deeper into recent evidence and introduce theories surrounding the crime and subsequent legal proceedings, with insight from investigative journalists and criminal experts such as former C.S.I. and forensic expert Alina Burroughs, host of ID’s CRIME SCENE CONFIDENTIAL, and former Brooklyn prosecutor and legal expert Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, host of ID’s TRUE CONVICTION. Throughout the hour-long show, some of true crime’s most prominent voices will attempt to address the question on everyone’s mind: “How did this happen?”

Where can I watch the Idaho Murders documentary?

The Idaho College Murders Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video

The Idaho College Murders on Apple TV+


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