How Old is Julie on Survivor

Julie Alley is 49 years old. Julie Alley is a Tennessee estate attorney. She is the season’s oldest player, but it won’t stop her from asking everyone, “Why not me?”.

How Old is Julie on Survivor

Julie, a divorced, single mother at the age of 39, pondered, “What am I gonna do?” She goes on to explain, “About that time, the saying went around that ‘she needed a hero so she became one’ – but that hit me.” Julie enrolled at night school while teaching art lessons during the day, and she was able to “pass the bar the first time.” She’s been a lawyer for five years.

Julie remembers watching “Cambodia” in 2015 and thought, “Oh my gosh, this just summed up my life.” The idea that players could get a second opportunity in the game “resonated with [her],” much as she was having her own “second chance at life.” Julie believes that in this new age of her life and the show, there is no reason why the winner cannot be her.


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