Dennis Nilsen Netflix Release Date | Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes

Dennis Nilsen Netflix Release Date

Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes will release on 18th August only on Netflix.



Dennis Nilsen Movie Name

Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes


DES – 3 episode mini-series about Dennis Nilsen

There is already a 3 episode mini-series called “Des” about Dennis Nilsen. The role of Dennis is played by actor David Tennant.

DES mini-series about Dennis Nilsen

Where to Watch DES

DES is available to watch on Amazon Prime

Click here to watch DES on Amazon Prime

Dennis Nilsen Movie Trailer

Full Story of Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Andrew Nilsen born on 23 November 1945 and died on 12 May 2018 was a Scottish serial killer, known for killing almost 15 victims in a period of 6 years (between 1978 to 1983). Dennis confessed his crime in 1983. Dennis majorly killed homeless or gay men. Dennis’s other target were generally those men whom he met outside his home, or in a public transport or in bars.

Dennis would generally offer these men alcohol or home to stay and then he would bring these men in his residence in North London, where he used to kill them.

Dennis would usually strangle his victims until they were dead or unconscious. In case of strangulation when victims did not die but get unconscious, Dennis would drown them in his bath tub or sink or in a bucket of water. Dennis Nilsen used to keep the dead bodies for wee, sometimes for months in his apartment.

Dennis Nilsen burned his victims in bonfire which were killed in 1978 and 1981. Nilsen also used to take out the organs from the body.

Dennis Nilsen also mentioned about masturbating when he viewed the nude bodies of his victims. He used to get engaged in sexual activities too.

Michael Cattran a Dyno Rod employee was the first person who discovered such unusual murders. It was him who discovered flesh and small bones in the drain of the Cranley Gardens, the place where Dennis lived. Michael reported about it, which was decided to be investigated next morning, but to their surprise, the drain was clear by next morning.

When Police started investigating, they followed Nilsen’s flat because of the odor of rotten flesh, as Dennis used to keep the dead bodies for weeks or for months in his flat. Dennis was then arrested.

11 February 1983, the day Dennis Nilsen confessed his crime. Dennis was sentenced lifetime imprisonment for his crime.

Dennis Nilsen Quote

Dennis Nilsen Newspaper Article


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