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Anonymously Yours (Spanish: Anónima) is a 2021 Mexican film starring Harold Azuara, Annie Cabello and Estefi Merelles. Anonymously Yours or Anónima released on Netflix on 10 December 2021.

After an accidental text message turns into a digital friendship, Vale and Alex start crushing on each other without realizing they’ve met in real life.

Harold Azuara as Ritchie

Harold Azuara is an actor. Harold Azuara was born on 13 January 1997 in Mexico.

Regina’s brother Ritchie is a bit immature and prone to filming himself acting foolish for his social media followers. Offended by Alex’s lack of interest in being his friend, Ritchie initially takes a hostile stance toward him.

Age24 years

Annie Cabello as Vale

Annie Cabello is Mexican actress.

High school senior Vale forms a deep connection through mutually anonymous texts with classmate Alex, who she can’t stand in real life. Meanwhile, she dreams of making films, but her parents want her to join their elevator company.

Age19 years

Estefi Merelles as Regina

Estefi Merelles is an actress.

Unlike her best friend Vale, Regina is outgoing, athletic and carefree. She is always there to listen and give dating advice, even if she doesn’t completely get Vale’s sense of humor.

Age17 years

Alicia Vélez as Lina

Alicia Vélez Mendoza is a Mexican actress and dubber.

Alex’s best friend from his former high school, Lina understands and respects his standoffish nature, even if she thinks he’s a bit of a nerd. Skeptical of Alex’s digital romance, she pushes him to get out of his head.

Age22 years

El Poderoso Ralf as Alex

Ralf is a social-media celebrity and actor.

Coming from a middle-class background, Alex feels like an outsider as a new student at an upscale high school. Hesitant to make new friends, Alex prefers texting anonymously with Vale, who he clashes with in person.

Age22 years


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