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Magnolia Pictures has published a trailer for ‘Catching Fire: The Story of Anita Pallenberg’, the film about the Rolling Stones’ renowned muse, which will be released on May 3. Scarlett Johansson voices Pallenberg, based on her unpublished memoir. The documentary also features Pallenberg’s two children, Marlon and Angela Richards, as well as their father, Keith Richards.

Alexis Bloom and Svetlana Zill direct the film about the rock ‘n’ roll actor, muse, and mother who was dubbed a “evil seductress” and accused of attempting to break up the Rolling Stones.

The documentary screened at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, with critic Owen Gleiberman describing Pallenberg as the “beautiful and imperious scenester of the ’60s and ’70s, Hollywood actress and icon of scruffy-chic rock royalty, partner of Keith Richards, muse to several of the other Rolling Stones.”

The review goes on, “In addition to Pallenberg’s biography, the film is built around a towering collection of home-movie material, such that we often feel like we’re right there with Anita and Keith, witnessing who they were offstage and off-camera; we experience the beautiful tranquilly of lives being lived. Pallenberg first met the Stones in 1965, during a concert in Munich. Anita quickly became associated with Brian Jones, whom she saw as the most attractive and charismatic of the Stones.

Catching Fire: The Story of Anita Pallenberg movie Trailer


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