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Snowed in For Christmas 2021 Cast

Kaley works and lives in Washington with her two daughters. The parents are going to a party in New York and only be away overnight, but a snowstorm forces them to stay for several days. Kaley should have actually gone home to his family in Canada but had to cancel and take care of the girls instead. At the same time, the father’s brother Ethan comes to visit. He works constantly and has not celebrated Christmas with his family for several years. Kaley does not dare let him take care of the girls himself because he begins his visit by almost setting fire to the kitchen. When the parents do not come home, it is up to Kaley, Ethan and the girls to fix everything before Christmas: buy spruce, decorate, bake, etc. If only Ethan could put down his cell phone and focus on the family instead.

Jeremy Guilbaut as Ethan Cunningham

Jeremy Guilbaut is a Canadian actor, born on 2 June 1980 in Vancouver, Canada.

Age41 years

Juliette Hawk as Lily Cunningham

Juliette Hawk is an actress.


Meghan K. Lees as Margaret Cunningham

Meghan Kristine Lees is a Canadian-American actress and writer. Meghan K. Lees was born on January 8, 1980 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Age41 years

Dave Kenneth MacKinnon as Kyle Bryant

Dave Kenneth MacKinnon is an actor.

Brendan J. Rowland as Miles Cunningham

Brendan J. Rowland is an actor

Cassidy Slingsby as Rosie Cunningham

Cassidy Slingsby is an actress.


Laura Yenga as Gina

Laura Yenga is an actress.


Snowed in For Christmas 2021 Release Date

14 November 2021.



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