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Habit Movie Cast

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Habit Movie Release Date

Habit Movie directed by Janell Shirtcliff and written by Libby Mintz & Janell Shirtcliff to release in theatres on 20th August, 2021 and on DVD & BluRay n 24th August, 2021.

Habit Movie Official Trailer

Habit Movie Cast

Bella Thorne as Mads

Gavin Rossdale as Eric


Josie Ho as Queenie


Paris Jackson as Jesus


Hana Mae Lee as Jewel (as Hana Mae)


Ione Skye as Sunny

Hayley Marie Norman as Sister Julie

Michael Suppes as Thomas

Jamie Hince as Tuff

Kolby Mitchell as Bucky

Aarón Díaz as Priest(as Aaron Diaz)

Michael D. Jones as Librarian

Julie Mintz as Merle

Andreja Pejic as Addy

Libby Mintz as Evie

Alison Mosshart as Veda

Larissa Andrade as Alicia

Caroline D’Amore as L’Amour (as Caroline Damore)



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